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A scatter search metaheuristic for project scheduling under activity failure riskProject scheduling; risk; scatter searchMohammad Ranjbar,Hamidreza Validi,Ramin FakhimiDevelopement-
Meshless generalized finite difference (GFD) for two dimensional dynamic analysis of coupled non-Fickian diffusion - elasticitycoupled thermoelasticity; diffusion; two dimensional analysis; MLPG methodSeyed Mahmoud HosseiniFundamental-
Combining ant colony optimization and dynamic programming techniques for solving the covering salesman problemrouting, covering, Ant colony optimization, dynamic programmingMajid Salari, ,محمد صباغPractical-Developement-
Material Selection and Fuzzy BOM Development in Reverse EngineeringMaterial selection, Reverse engineering, Fuzzy BOMHamideh RazaviPractical-
Two dimensional transient dynamic analysis of coupled non-Fick diffusion-elasticity in functionally graded materials (FGMs) using meshless local Petrov - Galerkin (MLPG) methodnon-Fick difussion - coupled equations - meshless method - functionally graded materialsSeyed Mahmoud Hosseini,Jan Sladek,Vladimir SladekFundamental-
A Fuzzy Rule-Based Expert System for Suppier SelectionSuppier Selection, Expert System, Fuzzy Rule-Based SystemBabak Rezaee KhabooshanPractical-Developement-
An Approach to Design of Interval Type-2 Fuzzy logic Systems using Multi-objective OptimizationInterval Type-2 Fuzzy logic Systems, Multi-objective OptimizationBabak Rezaee KhabooshanPractical-Developement-
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