Thesis Title Student Section Supervisor Defence Date
Section Supervisor
Design of reverse logistics network using bi-level programmingfatemeh mahdavi gafariM.Sc.Dehghanian2012-09-19
Minimizing total weighted late work in scheduling of jobs on identical parallel processors with communication delayForoogh AbasianM.Sc.Ranjbar2012-09-19
Location and job shop scheduling problem in fuzzy environmentSAEED POORMOAIEDM.Sc.Pirayesh2012-09-19
Quality prediction using time depending linear profile in stem cell transplantationSanaz Sharifi GhazviniM.Sc.Razavi2012-11-14
Design of sustainable reverse logistics network with fuzzy incentive-dependent returnMohammad AsghariM.Sc.Dehghanian2013-01-24
A branch and bound algorithm for robust job-shop scheduling problemSeyedmorteza KhatamiM.Sc.Ranjbar2013-01-24
Analyze of web services through queueing modelsshahrzad mohsenian heraviM.Sc.Pirayesh2013-01-28
Solving The Generalized Covering Tour Problem With Merger Heuristic & Meta Heuristic Algoritmsfarid mahmoudzadeh moghaddamM.Sc.Salari2013-01-31
The generalized multi vehicle covering salesman problemiman akbari zameniM.Sc.Salari2013-01-31
A bi-level model for estimating the carbon price for a green supply chain under carbon trading schemeAtefe ZakeriM.Sc.Dehghanian2013-08-14
Fire scheduling for maximizing surviving probability of a naval system against missile attacksrahele taghavi nasrolah zadeM.Sc.Ranjbar2013-08-27
Formulation and a hybrid heuristic algorithm for a developed transportation problem with application in humanitarian reliefReza EshtehadiM.Sc.Salari2013-09-03
A memetic algorithm for a course scheduling problemnasibeh movahhedfarM.Sc.Ranjbar2013-09-14
Multi Depot vehicle routing problem with considering covering: formulations and a hybrid meta-heuristic algorithmSomayeh AllahyariM.Sc.Salari2013-09-15
A bi-level program for protection planning of critical hierarchical facilitiesnasrin aliakbarianM.Sc.Dehghanian2013-09-21
Facility layout Problem with HUB locationsAli Asghar MiriM.Sc.Razavi2013-09-21
Models and algorithms for a class of network optimization problems with reliabilityAida Kalate AhaniM.Sc.Salari2013-10-05
Introducing a supply chain planning model for agricultural productsAmir HajimirzajanM.Sc.Pirayesh2013-10-07
Capacitated vehicle routing-covering problem: modeling and heuristic solution techniqueMojtaba SharifM.Sc.Salari2013-10-07
Emergency service vehicle location with batch arrival for demandsRoya DavoudiM.Sc.Dehghanian2014-01-25
Determination of time allowances (rest times) for mental workloads using ACT-R techniqueNooshin AtashfeshanM.Sc.Razavi2014-01-29
Inventory Replenishment Policy in A Supply Chain Under Uncertaintysobhan tohidiM.Sc.Pirayesh2014-01-29
Multi stage stochastic sustainable supply chain network design under emission trading contextAhmad Rezaee ElyatooM.Sc.Dehghanian2014-01-29
renewal policy for spare parts using maximum overall reliabalitymaysa ghiadiM.Sc.Razavi2014-01-30
Effects of anthropometric factors on postural stability for different situations using PSI modelsSamira NajafniaM.Sc.Razavi2014-01-30
Ergonomic analysis of quality control jobs with simultaneous physical-mental tasksFarid FaalM.Sc.Razavi2014-02-03
Creating Bus Timetable And Frequency for transfer optimization in real transit networkFarzaneh NasirianM.Sc.Ranjbar2014-09-06
location and weapons assignment against aggressive targets for a naval battle groupMahboobeh Peyman karM.Sc.Ranjbar2014-09-17
Integrated scheduling of supplying, production and distribution in a supply chainNegin JamiliM.Sc.Ranjbar2014-09-18
A model and a solution method for interdiction problem on the capacitated hierarchical facilities under different levels of interdictionAsefe ForghaniM.Sc.Dehghanian2014-09-21
Imaging satellites scheduling with preemptionSaeed HosseinabadiM.Sc.Ranjbar2014-09-21
Measuring the customer lifetime value considering risk and its application in bankingMitra TaraghiM.Sc.Koosha2014-09-21
Optimizing reserve combination and substitution Strategy in dynamic systemMasoud Amel MonirianM.Sc.Razavi2014-09-22
Multi-Vehicle Maximal Covering Salesman Problem with fuzzy demandsAfsane AmiriM.Sc.Salari2014-09-22
A multi-objective capital budgeting model under uncertaintysepideh etemadiM.Sc.Koosha2014-09-22
A solution method for the bi-objective spanning tree problemfahime karamiM.Sc.Salari2014-10-07
سرویس توقف محدود، سرویس سریعالسیر، طراحی شبکه حمل ونقل عمومی، تعیین تواتر ، مدلسازی ریاضی، برنامه ریزی عدد صحیح مختلط، روش های ابتکارب و فرا ابتکاریMahdi TorabiM.Sc.Salari2014-10-07
Parking Revenue Management with a Pricing Model Based on Queueing TheorySEYEDMOHAMMAD HEJAZIM.Sc.Pirayesh2015-01-24
A bi-level programming for design of reverse logistics network with incentive dependent-return under carbon-tax schemeakram esmaeili avalM.Sc.Dehghanian2015-01-29
Inventory routing problem with perishable goodMAHLA BABAGOLZADEHM.Sc.Pirayesh2015-01-29
A Fuzzy Expert System for Technical Paper EvaluationATENA AMEL BESHARATIM.Sc.Razavi2015-01-29
Capital budgeting with uncertain projectsYasin Tadayon radM.Sc.Koosha2015-09-22
Rational design and price of handicrafts from consumer perspective by Kansei Engineering approachNima RanjbarM.Sc.Razavi2015-09-22
Arc Routing Problemreza atefiM.Sc.Salari2015-09-22
A location-routing model for collecting recoverable products with incentive-dependent returnsMozhde Bagheri HosseiniM.Sc.Dehghanian2015-09-28
Investigation of effective multipliers for estimation of required vigilance for particular mental taskmorteza masoudianM.Sc.Razavi2016-01-17
Ergonomic analysis of different jar package openingmehrdad ashrafiM.Sc.Razavi2016-01-25
A two echelon production-inventory system for deteriorating items with considering transportation cost in integrated and non-integrated environmentmehdi akmaliM.Sc.Pirayesh2016-01-26
A green supply chain planning model with technological change considerationelnaz moayeriM.Sc.Dehghanian2016-01-27
A model for estimating the credit of applicants for bank loan with Support Vector MachineNeda khoshrooM.Sc.Koosha2016-01-27
An Integrated Framework for Supplier Selection, Procurement Lot-Size andCarrier Selection with Multi Stage Transportationamin alizadehM.Sc.Rezaee Khabooshan2016-04-27
A Model for Selecting Promotions to Optimize profit and customer retentionmehrnaz nakhaeeM.Sc.Koosha2016-09-05
Resource allocation and activity scheduling for fourth party logistics with capacity constraintMohammad Hesam ShaelaieM.Sc.Ranjbar2016-09-06
Transshipment scheduling with multiple stations and inventory constraintatiyeh bazgoshaM.Sc.Ranjbar2016-09-07
Transshipment scheduling with a single station and inventory constraintmasoumeh ghorbanzadehM.Sc.Ranjbar2016-09-07
Urban fire station's working hours planning based on Spatio-temporal risk factors using fuzzy MCDM and Data mining techniquesrozhin sharifiM.Sc.Salari2016-09-10
Designing supply chain network of mobile factories for material scattered in the networkAdele BehzadM.Sc.Pirayesh2016-09-10
linear profile monitoring using recursive residualsFarzane DarroudiM.Sc.Shadman2016-09-11
A mathematical model for energy management in hospitals.Shabnam Mahmoudzadeh VaziriM.Sc.Rezaee Khabooshan2016-09-13
a hybrid model for prediction of air pollutants concentrationYASAMANSADAT SADABADIM.Sc.Salari2016-09-13
An Investigation on The Effect of Electromagnetic Field Exposure on The Passengers and Employees of Mashhad Urban Train SystemAli JameiM.Sc.Razavi2016-09-17
Multi-Trip Open Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windowssaeide alsadat hashemiM.Sc.Salari2016-09-17
Integration of production planning and preventive maintenancemahdi erfanian eydi tousiM.Sc.Pirayesh2016-09-17
: Coordinated Supply Chain Scheduling with carbon emission considerationSeyede Batool FathiM.Sc.Dehghanian2016-09-18
Inventory control with dynamic demand under the permissible delay in paymentFateme ReyhaniM.Sc.Pirayesh2016-09-19
Assignment optimization in family physician program using Q3APSima SabahiM.Sc.Razavi2016-09-19
Nurse Scheduling ProblemFarshad Behroozi mashhadiM.Sc.Salari2016-09-21
An EOQ model for deteriorating items with variable lead timeMina Heravi M.Sc.Pirayesh2016-11-19
Combination queuing theory and A* algorithm in selection optimum bank (Case study: zone 1 in Mashhad)Mahdi JahangardM.Sc.Pirayesh2016-11-23
Customer churn considering different loyalty levelsFirouzeh MoloudiM.Sc.Koosha2016-12-13
Human reliability analysis in the CPR process using a hybrid method based on Markov model and fault tree analysisshiva rasouliM.Sc.Hosseini2017-02-16
Reliability analysis of cathodic protection system in gas pipeline based on Markov chain and fault tree analysisRazie TatariM.Sc.Hosseini2017-02-18
Planning Home Care Services Considering Time Windows and Periodic DemandAhmad KazemiM.Sc.Salari2017-05-01
Investigating the effects of cooperative demand response mechanism in a microgridNastaran NaseriM.Sc.Rezaee Khabooshan2017-08-21
A two-stage stochastic programming model for green supply chain with deteriorating products under supply contractdanial arianejadM.Sc.Dehghanian2017-09-11
Application of multi-kernel support vector machine in order to prediction of customer churnSaeed SepehriM.Sc.Koosha2017-09-16
Monitoring linear profile by using the adaptive approach of VSI GLRfarhad hafezM.Sc.Shadman2017-09-16
Evaluation of the single-vendor single-buyer model and Economic Production Quantity Model with considering carbon emissionsseyyede fateme HashemiM.Sc.Dehghanian2017-09-19
Inventory management of manufacturers with yield uncertainty and lateral transshipmentsARASH ASHJAEEM.Sc.Pirayesh2017-09-19
Assignment of fire vehicles and equipment to fire stations in order to improve the performance of entire systemlilanaz akbariM.Sc.Salari2017-12-03
Integrated planning of power and natural gas transportation systemsmilad teymuriM.Sc.Rezaee Khabooshan2018-01-31
simple Linear Profile Monitoring in the Presence of Heteroscedasticityfarzane badakhshanM.Sc.Shadman2018-02-10
A robust capital budgeting model for selection of construction projects under uncertaintyMohsen Zoghi BadrabadM.Sc.Koosha2018-02-13
Optimization of the adhesion quality in the adhesive joints of wind turbine composite blade using design of experiments(DOE)atefeh heshmatiM.Sc.Shadman2018-02-15
Study on the replacement of epoxy resin with polyester resin in wind turbine composite blade using design of experimentsfataneh pourshiraziM.Sc.Hosseini2018-02-19
Developing a Comprehensive framework for seismic risk assessment in urban fabricsSara NurollahianM.Sc.Salari2018-07-23
Modelling and solving of dependent sensor-weapon/threat assignment and scheduling problemReza Ghorbani SaberM.Sc.Ranjbar2018-09-08
Determining the optimal replacement of equipment under the advancement of technology in an EPQ model with variable cost and demand and considering the carbon taxmorteza ettefaghiM.Sc.Dehghanian2018-09-10
Generalized linear Profiles Monitoring Using adaptive Approachmohammad mohammadzadehM.Sc.Shadman2018-09-11
University Course Timetabling Problem (UCTP) with cancellation risk using two-stage stochastic programmingPeyman YasariM.Sc.Ranjbar2018-09-11
: Locating collection centers for fuzzy distance- and incentive-dependent returnsmasoud amirdadiM.Sc.Dehghanian2018-09-15
Carbon mitigation and machine failure in EMQ model under opportunistic maintenanceSEYEDMOJTABA MOHASELM.Sc.Dehghanian2018-09-15
Predicting Customer Lifetime Value by using Discrete-Time Markov Chain of order two (DTMC)Maryam GoodarziM.Sc.Koosha2018-09-16
Risk identification and analysis of unwanted incidents in the endotracheal suctioning using hybrid method based on Bow-Tie and HEART modelyasaman kharaghaniM.Sc.Hosseini2018-09-17
Determining optimal locations of charging stations for electric vehiclesramin ahadiM.Sc.Rezaee Khabooshan2018-09-18
Linear Profiles Monitoring Using GLR Chart and Sequential Sampling Schememahdi parvizi aminehM.Sc.Shadman2018-09-22
Comparison of Practical Solutions for Reducing the Mental Fatigue of a Shift WorkloadVahideh Mohammadi nezhadM.Sc.Razavi2018-09-22
Negative binomial Profile Monitoring in Phase Imaryam mohadesiM.Sc.Shadman2018-11-03
Laying store shelves by considering the relationship between productssaeed rahimiM.Sc.Koosha2019-02-16
Demand forecasting and order lot sizing with data miningHamidreza SoleimaniM.Sc.Koosha2019-02-17
The prediction customers lifetime value by using the change point and taking into account the concept of partial churn and growthshima mamishi khanloghM.Sc.Koosha2019-02-18
Identification and risk analysis and Human Reliability Assessment in the Central Venous Catheterization process of Intensive Care UnitELAHEH ATHARIM.Sc.Hosseini2019-02-19
Designing a New Evaluation Method in Measuring the Performance of Project-Based Organizations Employees Based on Data Envelopment AnalysisSaeed RoshandelM.Sc.Salari2019-07-27
Supply chain design for raw milk by dairy factories with the approach sustainable developmentbehnaz sarmastM.Sc.Pirayesh2019-09-16
(Decision Making Using Approximate Stochastic Dynamic Programming Methods (A Case Study of a Firm's Marketing Strategiesmajid khalilzadehM.Sc.Neghabi2019-09-17
Optimal design of electric vehicle fast charging station based on economic factorsfarzaneh parsianM.Sc.Rezaee Khabooshan2019-10-14
Investigate the impact of public transportation in the sense of social security,case study:mashhad citysaeed dehghaniM.Sc.Pirayesh2019-11-25
Assembly Point Location for Public Places at Unexpected Eventskazem izadiM.Sc.Razavi2020-01-25
Predict breakdown time and determine optimize spare part order levelatieh lotfiM.Sc.Koosha2020-01-27
charging strategy of electric vehicles for smart parking lotFarzaneh BashtaniM.Sc.Rezaee Khabooshan2020-01-28
A stochastic programming approach to minimizing the cost of uncertain resources availability in project schedulinghossein moghaddaszadehM.Sc.Ranjbar2020-02-04
Developing a Business Game for Learning Theory of ConstraintsAlireza BazazanM.Sc.Rezaee Khabooshan2020-02-05
identification and risk analysis of domino effect in Operation of Hazardous materials (Case study: CNG leakage)saeide sadeghiM.Sc.Hosseini2020-02-09
Analyzing risk of default of loans by considering behavioral paybackamir seddighiM.Sc.Razavi2020-02-10
Risk management in the financial guarantees of a mutual fundmohammad kamel abbasiM.Sc.Razavi2020-02-10
Monitoring human performance quality in the Suction process for intubated patient in ICU using risk adjusted control chartssahar esmaeilifilabiM.Sc.Hosseini2020-02-15
Facility Location on Evidential reasoning approachmohadeseh bohlouli baghanM.Sc.Pirayesh2020-02-15
Incident and accident analysis for firefighters in Mashhad to identify and analyze risk and provide control solutionsshima hoseinioonM.Sc.Hosseini2020-02-17
General Parking Management: A Case study of ferdowsi university of mashhad parkingBehnaz Bijestani MoghadamM.Sc.Pirayesh2020-02-19
Lock scheduling problem with identical parallel chamberselahe memar masjedM.Sc.Ranjbar2020-02-19
Determining the optimal price of recycled products in a supply chain with a manufacturer and a collectorarefeh karimiM.Sc.Dehghanian2020-02-25
Optimal Charging Planning for Electric-Vehicle in highwaymahdiye mozafariM.Sc.Rezaee Khabooshan2020-02-26
A hybrid recommender system based on past behavior of the customer and similar customers for a wholesalerMahtab EmadzadehM.Sc.Koosha2020-04-29
Long-term Prediction of Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) Using Statistical ModelsAida AhaniPhDSalari2020-05-04
Analyzing carbon trading in supply chain using system dynamics approachSahar AkhgarM.Sc.Dehghanian2020-05-16
The effect of purchasing policy on the economic production quantity model subject to random machine breakdownmehdi deiranlouPhDDehghanian2020-09-14
Design and location of a multi-commodity supply chain under conditions of demand uncertaintyNavid AslaniradM.Sc.Neghabi2020-09-15
Supply chain network design with price and carbon emission sensitive demandAmir reza NajiM.Sc.Dehghanian2020-09-15
Monitoring Poisson profile by using two adaptive approaches of VSI and VSStoktam pourshiraziM.Sc.Shadman2020-09-16
Survival analysis and comparison of treatment approaches for breast cancer patients referred to Omid Hospital in Mashhad between 2011 and 2013Sanaz HaghighiM.Sc.Shadman2020-09-17
Integrated optimal scheduling and routing of ground-air relief and repair crew after a natural disasterMotahhareh Safdari ShadlouM.Sc.Ranjbar2020-10-19
Location of Sampling Points and Scheduling Sampling in Mashhad Water Distribution NetworkMahla Tayarani ZareM.Sc.Salari2020-10-21
Risk Analysis and Human Reliability Analysis in Pigging Operation of Iranian Gas Transmission Company-District 4mohammad javad vafaeiM.Sc.Hosseini2020-10-29
Demand forecasting considering competitive goods and discountsmahsa moradi binabajM.Sc.Koosha2021-01-10
Comparison of different policies for dynamic human resource allocation under uncertainty (Case Study: Mashhad University of Medical Sciences)Soroush ParidokhtM.Sc.Neghabi2021-02-08
The Effect of Mentoring and On-the-Job Training of Physicians on Healthcare Services in Hospitals with System Dynamics Approachmehrnoush zohourian moftakharM.Sc.Dehghanian2021-02-14
Maximizing the expected net present value in project scheduling with variable cash flowsMahboobe PeymankarPhDRanjbar2021-02-16
Risk Identification and Analysis of Oxygen Therapy in ICU using FMEAkiana kiani rashidM.Sc.Hosseini2021-02-16
Relocation Planning in Electric Vehicle Sharing SystemsLeili Nik PourM.Sc.Rezaee Khabooshan2021-03-13
Allocating financial resources in order to maximize customer lifetime valueAli HaririM.Sc.Koosha2021-03-14
Designing a comprehensive framework for flood risk assessment in urban scaleNazgol Tabasi kakhkiM.Sc.Salari2021-04-21
A closed loop supply chain model for newspaper production and distribution networkFirooza BayaniM.Sc.Pirayesh2021-06-28
Using of ANN with run-rules in profile monitoringAli YeganehPhDShadman2021-08-03
Determining optimal pricing and trade credit policies in competitive supply chainFariba SoleimaniPhDPirayesh2021-09-09
Measurement System Capability Analysis (MSCA) for Simple Linear Profiles (SLPs) in Fuzzy EnvironmentAylin PakzadPhDRazavi2021-09-11
assessing the risk of fire using FRAME method and providing effective control strategies (case study of Mahrad factory of mashhad)sharif afrookhtehM.Sc.Hosseini2021-09-20
The Impact of Factors Limiting Organizational Agility on the yieldnasim freidooniM.Sc.Razavi2021-09-25
Planning vehicle and personnel assignment in a mixed EV and ICEV sharing networksepideh samieM.Sc.Rezaee Khabooshan2021-10-06
Application of neural network based deep learning methods in mechanical analysisshirin javadiM.Sc.Hosseini2021-10-12
Single-allocation hub location model considering the use of manpower or robotsmohammad masoomiM.Sc.Neghabi2021-10-20
Identification and risk assessment of firefighting operation, search and rescue in high-rise buildingsyasaman akramiM.Sc.Hosseini2021-10-21
Allocation of carbon allowances and carbon pricing in the emission trading scheme for product supply chainsAkram Esmaeili AvalPhDDehghanian2021-11-16
An Optimization Model for The Biofuel Supply Chain of Biomass Under UncertaintyAbolfazl YaghoobiM.Sc.Neghabi2022-02-02
Evaluation and development of cycling routes case study: Ferdowsi University of MashhadSepideh Mohammadzadeh moghaddamM.Sc.Shadman2022-03-02
pricing for a network of electric vehicle's Charging stationsHoma FarjadianM.Sc.Rezaee Khabooshan2022-03-05
Dynamic risk analysis based on human reliability assessment using Bayesian networksShokoufeh AbrishamiPhDHosseini2022-03-09
Reinforcement Learning Approach for Dynamic Bike Rebalancing Problem in station based bike sharingVahid GholamzadehM.Sc.Rezaee Khabooshan2022-08-10
Mathematical Modeling Of The Hub Location Problem By Considering Different Degrees Of Hubs And Discount FactorsFatemeh Teimourian NamanlooM.Sc.Neghabi2022-09-03
Guarantees risk management in the financial institutionNazanin GhasemdokhtM.Sc.Razavi2022-09-03
Evaluation business processes using process mining (case study of Mashhad electric energy distribution company)Saber Mirzaaghazadeh KhorasaniM.Sc.Pirayesh2022-09-14
Multi-modal hub location problem considering carbon emissionsHamed MahdisouzaniM.Sc.Neghabi2022-09-14
Investigating the effective factors in the adoption of photovoltaic systems in Iranian households with a system dynamics approachMelika Rezaei ChaijanM.Sc.Dehghanian2022-09-18
Pricing in Carpooling Transportation SystemAmir Abbas AbbaspourM.Sc.Rezaee Khabooshan2022-09-18
Parallel processor scheduling for jobs with identical speedup functions using reinforcement learningFARID ZIAEIM.Sc.Ranjbar2022-09-20
Inventory Management in closed loop supply chain of deteriorating products – Case study: precious metal artifactsSeyed Shahab Odin HashemianM.Sc.Pirayesh2022-09-20
Robust optimization of a green supply chain under demand and carbon price uncertaintymahtab malekiM.Sc.Dehghanian2022-09-21
Locating public service offices using decision-making techniques; Case study: Saman Insurance Agency in DamghanSamira MoslemiM.Sc.Pirayesh2022-09-21
Reliability of wind turbines using Bayesian Networksmarjan saffariM.Sc.Hosseini2022-09-22
Hub Location Problem: Justly Employment ApproachAmir Hosein EskandaniM.Sc.Neghabi2022-09-22
Statistical and economic analysis of construction waste recyclingFereshte EstanestiM.Sc.Hosseini2022-10-01
Valuing technology using real optionzahra aslesharifM.Sc.Koosha2022-10-15
Analyzing and examining the risk of financial market transactions based on indicatorsSeyedmohammadamin DehghanM.Sc.Hosseini2023-02-19
Anomaly detection in household water consumption by a combined model of data mining techniques (case study: Mashhad)Samaneh PahlavanM.Sc.Shadman2023-02-19
Design a Performance Evaluation Checklist for Mashhad Power Generation Management Company DepartmentsHassan Rajaei nasabM.Sc.Salari2023-02-19
Locating Postal Centers and Routing Parcels Considering Customers Satisfaction: Study Case of Mashhad Postal District 7Mahdi RanjbarM.Sc.Salari2023-02-19
A bi-level model estimate carbon tax in a green supply chain under price and carbon sensitive demandpegah mesrzadeM.Sc.Dehghanian2023-02-21
Wheat supply chain network design (case study of North Khorasan province)Parvin Ahmadian TitkanlouM.Sc.Pirayesh2023-02-25
Development of a Comprehensive Framework For Flood Damage Assessmenthanieh saadatiM.Sc.Salari2023-02-26
Forecasting time series using clustering methodsali ghorbanianPhDRazavi2023-07-17
A Bi-objective Double-Row Facility Layout in Two Different Multi-Story Buildings SimultaneouslyHasan HafezM.Sc.Neghabi2023-08-09
Estimating the change point in the rate parameter of the Poisson distributionSamane SafariM.Sc.Shadman2023-09-09
Forecasting the duration and cost of projects using artificial neural networksDanialِ AbbasiM.Sc.Ranjbar2023-09-09
Hub location with controlling carbon emission under uncertaintyreza rahmatiPhDNeghabi2023-09-10
Risk analysis and reliability assessment of Altimor wastewater treatment plant using Bow-Tie methodElika EnayatiM.Sc.Hosseini2023-09-17
Modeling the choice of financing for Startups by considering behavioral patternsNaime NiaziM.Sc.Razavi2023-09-19
Development of a DSS for implementation of IEC 61508 standard considering human factorsSeyed Ali HosseiniunM.Sc.Razavi2023-09-20
Development of a Novel Approach Based on the Physics-Informed Neural Network for the Solution of Higher Order Coupled Partial Differential Equations SystemsKatayoun EshkoftiPhDHosseini2023-09-21
Providing a framework for evaluation foreign suppliers (Case Study: Khorasan Petrochemical Co.)Arefeh AryafarM.Sc.Salari2023-10-02
Sustainable Supplier Selection and Order Allocation Using BlockchainShayan SadeghiM.Sc.Pirayesh2023-10-04
Human Performance Reliability Analysis in the Production Division of Samen Pharmaceutical CompanySepehr SameM.Sc.Hosseini2023-10-04
Identification and prioritization of supply chain risks (Case study: saffron product)Emad MehrabanM.Sc.Pirayesh2023-10-04
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