Thesis Title Student Section Supervisor Defined date of defense
Section Supervisor
Determining the optimal temperature inside shelves and locating in food production transportationsamira soltanzadeh mezerjiM.Sc.Dehghanian2015-09-27
customer life time value and churn prediction with data mining techniquesAmir ModirkhazeniM.Sc.Pirayesh2017-10-07
Multi-floor double row facility layout problem under facilities lengths uncertaintyJavad BaaghidehM.Sc.Neghabi2018-10-14
Material requirements planning system considering batch size and minimum order quantity for items of suppliersSeyed Mahdi JavadiM.Sc.Pirayesh2019-02-03
Competitive Electric vehicles Charge Pricing: a cooperative game theorymamin bz M.Sc.Rezaee Khabooshan2019-10-06
Designing a model for coordination in a reverse supply chain with revenue sharing contractFarzaneh MohebbiM.Sc.Dehghanian2019-10-06
A product bundling and price bundling approach to maximize profitfatemeh sepehriM.Sc.Koosha2019-10-06
Application of data analysis methods to food menu planningmahnaz hasanpoorM.Sc.Koosha2019-10-06
Risk assessment and failure analysis in power and electronics projects -Case study: Sun air research institute of Ferdowsi university of Mashhad-Mohammad Shafighi ShahriM.Sc.Shadman2019-10-06
Identify and prioritize risks to the health effects of combustion products Firefighters in fire fighting operationsALIREZA ESTIRIM.Sc.Hosseini2020-06-14
Risk assessment and analysis of firefighters in the face of polymer items, pvc and compositesfaezeh hosseinialiabadiM.Sc.Hosseini2020-06-14
Economic evaluation for outsourcing decisions using the real Options approach -A case study-reyhane najafiM.Sc.Koosha2021-08-08
The effect of discounts on customer lifetime value (case study: Mashad Leather)Asma ModarresM.Sc.Koosha2021-08-08
Project manager assignment based on competency profiles considering project managers preferencesAidin Rezaeian DalueiP.H.D.Koosha2019-10-09
Implementation of statistical process control using machine vision Case study of Irankhodro car factory.mohsen mehrabghoochaniM.Sc.Shadman2020-09-07
Designing an algorithm for churn predictionZahra DaneshvarM.Sc.Shadman2020-12-15
Energy-aware production scheduling in a flow shop environment: deterministic and uncertain conditionsmasoumeh ghorbanzadehP.H.D.Ranjbar2021-02-17
Relocation Planning in One-way Electric Vehicle Sharing Systems Using Information Gap Decision TheorySaeede BiariM.Sc.Rezaee Khabooshan2021-08-08
Feasibility study, technical and economic analysis for localization of wastewater treatment plants in Mashhad Water and Wastewater CompanyMohadese Jalali SanganiM.Sc.Hosseini2021-08-08
car price forecasts using Divar platform dataParvin FarahaniM.Sc.Koosha2021-08-08
Short-term Electricity Load Forecasting Using Time series and Machine Learning ModelsHasan Haghighi ShandizM.Sc.Shadman2021-08-08
Prioritization of energy projects using multi-criteria Decision Making -Case study: Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Sun Air Research Institute-Elmira ShahnazM.Sc.Koosha2021-08-08
Performance Evaluation of the education department at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (gradute section)Maryam MalekiM.Sc.Salari2021-08-08
detection and reduction of nontechnical losses in electrical distribution network using data mining techniques -case study: Golbahar city-Fatemeh AbdolahiM.Sc.Shadman2021-08-08
Analysis of food safety in dairy supply chain using game theory approachEmad Zamiri noghrehP.H.D.Ranjbar2021-10-20
supply chain management of fresh products with regard to third party logistics; Case Study: Flower IndustryMehdi AkmaliP.H.D.Pirayesh2021-10-13
Designing a Location-Inventory-Distribution model under gradual budgets injection, time value of money, perishability of commodities and a supply contract in disaster relief logisticsleyla fazliP.H.D.Salari2021-07-18
Using a hybrid approach based on decision tree algorithms to predict customer churnhassan sookhtehsaraeeM.Sc.Koosha2021-08-08
Designing supply chain contracts considering behavioral factorsRozhin SharifiP.H.D.Razavi2021-09-22
Scheduling of electrical appliances in smart homes with solar panels and considering network power outageZahra MalekkhaniM.Sc.Ranjbar2022-01-02
Optimal determination of safety stock in a multi-stage production system by considering several products with joint production parts and processessahar rabiM.Sc.Dehghanian2022-06-12
Using IoT for perishable inventory management with different deterioration ratekosar taleghaniM.Sc.Pirayesh2022-05-22
Modeling the dynamic ridesharing problem with passenger transferszahra DastaniP.H.D.Koosha2022-03-08
Short term electricity load forecasting using machine learning modelsNarjes SalmabadiP.H.D.Salari2022-04-10
Optimization of order picking operations in picker-to-parts and parts-to-picker systemsSaeedeh HashemiP.H.D.Ranjbar2022-02-06
Investigating the problem of dynamic weapon target assignment ئin the defense of warships against attacking unmanned aerial vehiclesMoein GhaffayM.Sc.Ranjbar2022-10-09
Dynamic assignment of soft-kill weapons in a warship to missile attacksSadegh Tashakori AsgharianM.Sc.Ranjbar2022-10-23
Applying machine learning techniques for setting parameters of metaheuristic algorithm in solving the covering salesman problemMahdi RostamzadehM.Sc.Salari2022-10-23
Applying machine learning techniques to initialize the metaheuristic algorithm in solving the covering salesman problemAmirhossein BabaeianM.Sc.Salari2022-10-23
Presenting a model for predicting the return rate of recycled products using machine learning methodsZahra Sadat Khandani FathabadiM.Sc.Dehghanian2022-10-09
Applying deep learning and enssemble learning methods in customer response modeling considering expected profitabilityElham GholipoorM.Sc.Koosha2022-10-23
Analysing the trend of hydrological parameters and determining the time of trend change using non-parametric testsElnaz GhasemiM.Sc.Shadman2022-10-23
Designing a resilient supply chain for oilFatemeh MoloudianM.Sc.Neghabi2022-10-23
coordination in saffron supply chain based on contract farmingJavad HasanpourP.H.D.Pirayesh2023-02-01
Using reinforcement learning approach in a two-level inventory systemADELE BEHZADP.H.D.Pirayesh2022-08-03
Inventory control model of perishable goods with price-dependent demand and variable holding costsreyhane khosravi nikM.Sc.Pirayesh2021-08-08
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